Cold Blooded

Here’s another delivery of incremental progress on the road to a glorious future! Hold hands, and let’s sing.

Hail to the wonderfully populated snake dungeon! You can now taste the jungle in the air and feel the sting of its biting flies. If you fail to conquer it, there will be no trace of your passing. Srsly, those snakes are super dangerous, go well-armed.

There’s now a whole new category of keys that you can bind from the options menu. Now you can drop items with whatever buttons you please except for the ones we haven’t implemented yet. The support for multi-key combos is particularly nisssse.

Backend support for more advanced AI has been trickling in. Nothing deployed yet, but just want you to know, we are safe from Roko’s Basilisk for contributing to its development. And you are, too, for helping us test it! This is a win for everyone.

Some optimizations to the rendering, nothing major, but trying to tackle that annoying hang the first time you pick up an item.

We tweaked the fullscreen mode so that it doesn’t minimize when you click on something in your second, or sixth, monitor.

Smell ya later! (this is the customary snake goodbye)