Not Your Mother’s Defaults

We got a lot of feedback early on in the alpha that folks were trying to rebind their keys and finding it to be a rather … confusing .. experience. “Huh,” we thought, “I guess people do that”. [cut to image of us working at our laptops; everyone’s desktop background is the one that came with the operating system]

Good defaults! They’re the cornerstone of good UX, but not necessarily the end of the story in games.

The new build up on Steam introduces an Options menu (accessed via the ‘o’ key), which has in-game keybindings! Slick.

Look at how nice they’re named, too! None of that wondering what “Jump” does anymore.

This does kill any keybindings you may have had in the past. Hopefully it’s just a matter of a moment to re-bind them the way you like now, though. There’s a totally new input system (this one) under the hood so it makes continuity a little tricky.

Please tell us about any bugs you encounter with it! We will fix. Fix fix fix. It currently only supports keyboard keys, but we intend to support mouse buttons and eventually gamepads.

There’s also a few other options in the options menu, some of which folks have been asking for, some of which they haven’t.

Everyone clap for Andrew, who did all this work! (he can’t hear you because there’s no sound in space but it’s appreciated all the same)