TIME For a new look

You won’t have TIME to kill. The HOUR is late, and your life keeps TICKING away. You can’t have SECONDS until you’ve cleared your plate. Don’t make me send you to your room!

The veritable Meowza graced us with this incredible mechanical marvel. The Time Ghost waits for no one.

On the backend, I implemented a few AI features that should make units easier to build, and more svelte. #beachreadybody

Remember that we stream on Twitch every Friday at 11am PT! Sometimes,as today, we’ll use that time to test out new stuff. Thanks for playing, and tuning in!

Gracing our playtest experience today were some new experimental units and dungeons. They’re essentially first drafts, and you won’t see them appearing in normal gameplay, but we’ll have some fun stuff from that raw material after some more iterations!

See you next TIME!