New Boss: The Urchin

Today’s update introduces a new endgame boss: the Urchin.

The Urchin is quite elusive: to find it you’ll need to craft a special item and then use it in a specific place. We recommend that you bring a full fleet of seasoned pilots with you, as the encounter can be quite a handful!

The boss can drop a lot of the usual goodies, but also has a chance to drop 4 different URs and some other unusual items. Good luck!

Improvements & Balance

With this update we are also addressing some balance issues and general improvements, both for new and veteran players. Community-suggested changes are indicated with  

  • Leader changes on mission selection now let the new leader pick a mission  
  • Low level ingredients can now be crafted into tradeable bundles.
  • Players in lower tier missions now get their damage downscaled by a tier appropriate %.
  • Upscaling of low level players during missions now caps at a mission tier appropriate %.
  • Revised nanite trading fees to be more consistent with the cost of 5 upgrades of the same type.  
  • Buffed Merlin’s Staff from 12% to 15% dmg.  


  • Fixed an issue where DK secondaries were missing supercharge/degradation stats.
  • Fixed the XP Boost item description to properly show 90 minutes.