Introducing the Vampire Class

This week we’re shipping our last update of 2019. While it may be last, it’s still packed with some awesome stuff. We’re introducing a new class, the Vampire, a new combat sim mode, and a bunch of other changes!


The vampire class is making its appearance in this update. It uses sword weapons and comes with a new ability “Bite” and a new maneuver “Redline.” Bite lets you take a chomp out of a nearby enemy, giving both you and nearby allies some health. Redline lets you convert your armor into steam. It won’t kill you, but if you play it close to the wire it can give you a big boost to your effective available steam! The vampire of course also has its own set of skills to select from. Give it a spin and see if you can figure out its secrets!

Combat Sim

We’ve added a new “survival” combat sim mode with this update. It plays a bit differently to other modes – survival isn’t about clearing waves – it’s just about surviving as long as possible. Killing enemies might help you survive longer, but it’s not required! This will be in the regular rotation of daily combat sim modes, and hopefully add some welcome new variation.

We’ve also made a number of other improvements and changes to the combat sim in this update, including:

  • Make sure you always either get all DPS classes or all non-DPS classes (and a choice of single vs double stick if possible)
  • Vary the number of builds you can choose from between 1 and 5
  • Fixed a lot of weird/bad enemy behaviour in the combat sim, including: Mystic, Great Pooper, Mecha-Angel, Duelist, Disinfector, Bureaucat, Crowd Control, Retaliator, Poison Convoy, Husky, Augmentation Therapist
  • Removed all 2-width walls in combat sim so enemies aren’t unshootable.
  • Fixed some issues with treasure chests

More Changes

Finally, there’s also a whole bunch of other changes in this update:

  • Founder can assign different roles to people in the flock.
  • Clicking on another player’s name in chat opens the friend list with them selected.
  • Changed the Bomb Factory from T2 to T3, and the Laser Playground from T3 to T4
  • Removed middle row of bullet belt on boss stage of Laser Playground
  • Nerfed Meowzaghast shots during M2’s death phase
  • Revised trade fees
  • Reduced plane xp thresholds for levels 16 to 20 (it’s now easier to level up)
  • Titanium rods have new graphics and aren’t marked as rare
  • Fix the broken siege animation
  • Fix scrolling offset displays for quest-related menus
  • Renamed “Cubic Gem” to “Arena Gem”, so it’s not confused with the new Cube Gem item
  • Adjusted some AI behaviour to hopefully fix some wandering units