Rapid Reliable Remiges & Rectrices

I said bird, bird, bird is… Oh, I didn’t see you over there! Welcome back! It’s been a busy 2 weeks since the last update. We’ve had another 5-day playtest; so the servers were once again alive and kicking; and the fight against Meowza was revived. Unfortunately the Steambirds have gone back into hiding for now, but not to fret – you can still catch the latest Steambirds developments on the weekly streams.

As the art overhaul gets further along, it has finally come to the logo, so without further ado, we have a new logo to show off:

How spiffy is that new logo?! Just lovely! We’ve also got an exciting new video of B-roll and many other changes:


  • Custom trails and effects, as part of consumable items or premium variants
  • New Elder Arena dungeon art
  • Hog variants
  • Exploration work for new portraits
  • Backend work on premium emotes – coming soon to a Steambirds near you


  • Graceful restarting/stopping servers
  • Automated Nexus restarts on a schedule, to cleanup memory and similar accumulating errors
  • Server auto scaling is online and live
  • Some initial work on DoS mitigation, limiting non-admins’ ability to connect to servers they shouldn’t be able to, and other fixes


  • Legal notice window – show the EULA and Privacy Policy on startup and get acceptance before you can play.
  • Analytics for quests and the store
  • Block other players so you don’t see their messages. Still a WIP.

Bug Fixes

  • Replaced BestHTTP plugin with UnityWebRequest to fix some dev bugs
  • Auditing fix for teleporting
  • Fixed double trail bug
  • Hangar stuck issue is a WIP, hopefully finally resolved soon
  • Screenshot sizing bug fixed
  • Usual swath of small bugfixes, lots of them as they came up in the playtest