Imagine One Of These In Your Lettuce

Welcome back to the release notes for the week, friends and potential-friends.

The Dig’s final boss now takes its true form, a grublike mechanical worm. Defeat it quickly so you don’t have to think about where it might have been, or if there are more of them somewhere in the walls.

You might not have noticed that the mine the Raptor drops is temp art… we did though and here’s final art! Doesn’t it look like it’s part of your team?

In user friendliness news, the item information panel now shows which plane classes can use it, if the current class cannot. That’ll help folks target who to unload their junk onto, or turn a random high-tier item drop into a quest to unlock the class that can use it. I mean I know you all have already unlocked everything but we gotta think about new players sometime. We’re getting into the PAX Spirit here.

The friends list should be working much better; we tackled the bugs we knew about. Online status is correct, the panel stays onscreen, and if you have enough friends that it needs to scroll you don’t see the portraits creepin’ outside the box. It’s still local-only.

We’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes stuff which will eventually surface to you all. The tutorial continues to evolve, we planned to do about 4-5 passes and we’re on pass 2 about now. The goal is to make it short and sweet, and only cover the basics of the controls and “what’s a bullet and why to not get hit by it”.

We continue to work on the anti-cheating measures. Last week and this week, we’ve been running some diagnostics that will help us debug our implementation. This probably has an impact on server performance, however we’ve also added more performance diagnostics and tweaked some things so we’ll basically be doing a two steps back one step forward kinda thing there.

And here’s the rest of the changes:

  • Doubled bullets (i.e. damage boosted) now are spaced wider than before, it should be a lot more visible (also, the collider is correspondingly bigger).
  • SN-Z dungeon is now called the “Iron Lair”. The Iron Friggin Lair, yo.
  • Enemies which self destruct no longer show an empty health bar for a few frames, they just cleanly disappear. Did you know that the blue explosion signifies that they self-destructed?
  • Percentage bug in stats menu fixed.
  • The rotation and facing on the Lobbyist minions are fixed
  • The giant death Politician bug is fixed
  • Dropship collider fixed, no longer sucks players in from afar.
  • New unit added to Laser Playground: Shockwaver
  • MCC has more named units
  • The Vaults has temp 3D art.
  • Fixed Offering Shepherd issue where the head would become unshootable
  • Bomb dungeon background smoke doesn’t become detached from the ground when near the boss.
  • Tweaks to spawn locations in Playground, Temple Of Egg, SSB, Vaults. It makes for a bit more of a consistent experience, let us know what you think.

We’re excited to playtest these changes, and we hope you’re excited, too! Thanks for all the awesome feedback and bug reports, keep on rocking, and always have good skies!