Intelligence Briefing

Huddle up, pilots! The data from your flight computers and blackboxes has been analyzed by our birds in Intelligence. The information you’re about to see is highly classified, so keep it under your flight caps. Loose beaks down fleets!

Note that just the last few weeks of data are represented, since your blackboxes have been continuously upgraded throughout the campaign and some important data wasn’t being captured at the start.

First let’s get to the high level intel on enemy capability. These are our deadliest foes, the first chart showing the total number of player-kills, and the second one showing both the enemy’s player-kills (blue) and the number of times our birds have blown them out of the sky (red):

As you know, some of the highest value–and highest risk–enemy targets were hidden away in remote bunkers, or dungeons. Here were the ones found to be most deadly, expressed as the percentage of planes that were destroyed in dungeon combat:

For those of you who fly a Medic, Intel understands the crucial role you play in keeping our pilots alive and their engines smoke-free. Here are the top Medics from the last couple of weeks of play:

Here also are those pilots that gave the most offensive assists, in terms of damage-boosting clouds:

Finally, in recognition of our most dedicated and hardened pilots–and using data stretching to the very start of our Alpha combat operation–here are the pilots with the most enemy kills, and the individual planes that survived to play the most battle-hours:

Note that for the kills, the numbers include spawned minions–so that’s a lot of destroyed targets!

That’s all for now. Intelligence wants to thank all of you for your time and dedication. With the data collected from live combat we will have the knowledge to ensure an Avian Victory when the true war begins.

As always: good skies!