Beat The Dev

We’re pumped, we are a part of charity stream event Beat The Dev! In this event, a popular streamer tries to beat a member of the dev team at their own game. (BTW the stream is already going on so you can check out other cool games right now)

We’re opening the servers to private alpha members once again during this event. You’re officially invited! It’d be nice to see some familiar names again. We’ll open things up at 12:30 PT on June 4th; the stream starts at 1, and will end at 2 PT.

Alex is our Dev in the event and he’ll be competing with a popular streamer to reach the highest level in the time period. A streamer whose identity is … his brother, Taliesin Jaffe!??! At least the Burches won’t be the only sibling-rivalry team that day! Taliesin is great on Critical Role, check it out!

Tomorrow we can help either of the brothers, or both, or … neither. See you then!