New Builds Up!

What a first day! We had a tremendous amount of fun inaugurating this new game, creating intense firefights, finding new and strange bugs, and dropping sweet sweet loot for each other.

I updated the servers just now with a few small changes.

  • Spawn locations are spread out a bit more, so we don’t all sit on top of each other in the rebel city.
  • Start position on the beach is always on the shoreline. It used to sometimes be a little close to the lowlands, which could be terrifying for new players. Plus, it just looks so nice with the water there!
  • Class unlocks tweaked. They’re significantly harder now, so if you already unlocked the Assault, you might have gotten it cheap!
  • Enemies in highmountains are a little tougher, and the density is higher.

There’s a new client in Steam as well, likewise with a few small changes.

  • Named all the shotguns. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  • Better explosion animation for Bomb Barrel. If we’re gonna name it that, we gotta make it look bomb-y.
  • WASD for plane movement works out of the box. Seems like a few folks wanted this. Still not a twin-stick shooter!

See you tomorrow!