How to be a Steambird

We’ve designed Steambirds Alliance to be a truly cooperative game. A game in which you always benefit from having other people around, no matter who they are. In its heart of hearts, Steambirds is a game about strangers becoming friends in the face of impossible odds. We hope you will treat each other with this in mind.

When another player makes a mistake, help them out instead of yelling or getting upset. You have nothing to gain from tearing them down and potentially much to gain from being considerate. We’d like this philosophy to apply to our forums as well:

  • Treat this space as a place to have fun, educate each other, and respectfully share your opinions. It’s a place to make friends, not enemies.
  • Don’t act like a jerk, use racist/sexist speech, or incite hate. We care about each other.
  • No threats, harassment, scams, or spam. (If an individual is causing a problem for you, please tell the moderators, and we will try to take care of it.)
  • We know that not everything we do will make 100% of people happy 100% of the time. You are entirely welcome to criticize us and/or this game whenever you want. But it is never OK to attack a fellow player. Debate with them all you want, but please do it without being insulting.

(Here’s a little secret: There is an all-seeing demon that tracks what every player is doing at all times. If someone behaves very badly, have faith they will be punished. Perhaps not immediately, but the demon has a very long memory and infinite power.)

Help make the game better

This game keeps running because you support it. So tell us what you love and what you don’t in these forums. We care deeply about this community, and while we can’t always respond to every person or every thread, please know that we *are* listening.

The Steambirds Alliance team is very small (so is all of Spry Fox, for that matter!) There are just 6 people working on this game, and most of those people are working on it part-time. You, our community, will inevitably identify more legitimate issues than we can possibly address, and some of you will inevitably become frustrated with us over our response time. All we can say is: we’re going to try our best to do right by you, given the very limited resources that we have. We promise.

Lastly, please privately report any hacks or exploits that you discover directly to us, as opposed to taking advantage of them. We know it can be extremely tempting, but it makes the game worse for everyone. Time we spend tracking down, banning and cleaning up after cheaters is time we could have spent making the game more fun!

Contribute to the community

If you feel so inclined, we’d love it if you added something awesome to this world that we are building together! Stream your gameplay. Help new players on the forum find what they are looking for. Invite new people to the game and teach them what makes it special. Make fan art. Write stories. (Yeah… even those sorts of stories. Who are we to judge? *grin*) The richer our culture, the longer this game will live and the more fun it will be!

Let’s turn the Steambirds community into a big inclusive flock, together. 🙂