For The (Steam)birds

We’ll keep this one short and sweet, so we can get right back to work on making more things go tick… and tock, we won’t forget about tock either!


  • Reduced the size of the huge plane hero shot in the plane selections.
  • We now support highpoly models in the hero shot.
  • There is now a motion blur effect in game
  • All the new graphics options can be switched off in the settings
  • New art for base model and variants for walker
  • New art for variants for assault and old faithful
  • Environmental color tweaks for poison farm and graveyard
  • Initial environmental pass on temple dungeon

Server Scaling

More work on the system that starts and stops new servers and a couple of smaller fixes in the game.


  • Added an escort mission to the overworld
  • More work on tutorial quests: Updated quest configs to match new functionality, improved transitions and rewards, added new quest guides that we can add to the world, rebalanced quest dungeons so they are more new player friendly.
  • Spawning and guidance fixed to actually consider all units, even those that are “freeze-dried”
  • More options for where quests can appear and be returned, also for quests get get triggered or automatically assigned.
  • Fixed a number of small-ish bugs that cropped up

Dialogue System

  • Dialogue is now batched, so it won’t get interrupted
  • The UI has been updated and tweaked
  • NPC portraits have been added and player portraits have been tighten up
  • More hooks for dialogue have been added to quests, with a fair bit of control over when then get triggered