Incoming Transmission

Welcome back for the latest edition of news and gossip from Ye Old Tavern in the Rebel City. All our gossip is exclusively from little birds, 100% guaranteed.

New Plane Art

Those of you that watch the stream would have already gotten a taste of the gorgeous new plane art, but that hasn’t stopped us from continuing to add more and improving it! We now have new models for the Ol’ Faithful, Assault and Medic classes. They can have up to 3 different custom colors and livery. All of these planes have spiffy new outlines to help differential their more vibrant selves from the rest of the world, and we’ve given the same treatment to the majority of the enemies too. We’re busy working on ways for you to modify and color your planes to your heart’s content!

Quests and Dialogue

The quests system is quite usable now, but we’re working hard to smooth over all the rough edges and make it a lot more useful and better. We’ve done a lot of work on the set of tutorial missions, which guide the player through their first steps out of basic training. These go through a small story arc, guiding you to special targets that our intel have identified, and following some leads into special dungeons!

In close coordination with the quest system we’re rolling out a new dialogue system. This is a small interface where rebel leaders can radio in to you with mission details and updates. Quests is the first use of this new system, but we’ll be rolling it out to more of the game soon.

  • Added spawned units that drop portals for quest owners
  • Improved quest parameters and transitions
  • Updated scripts and added dialogue
  • Revisions to the quest dungeons, enemies, and bosses
  • Basic guidance – point at quest targets. Replaces previous quest enemies
  • UI tweaks and improvements and fixes
  • Plop rewards directly into your inventory
  • Show more giver quests and sort them by relevance
  • Tweaks to quest spawning to make it a bit more robust and better handle use cases
  • Flexibility to spawn extra units and modify them with loot and other changes

Other Changes

  • Decluttered the controls menu. Now only the relevant (depending on plane type) controls are visible.
  • Reduced the freezes that happened from time to time.
  • More work in implementing and testing the automatic server scaling.
  • Tutorial give hints for the selected control scheme
  • Shield effects are now visible on crates

See you all again soon! Transmission terminated.